Monday, November 9, 2015


The growing popularity of the beach, especially Thousand course this is a matter that should be improved. For more interesting and in some tourist island that is currently not the case, in the Thousand Islands. Currently, many serving that journey is an agent that facilitates access and all the holidays, is. Offering attractive promotions in both the price of the facilities in the can is Traveled by some.

The travels also have to carefully choose. Some journey agent that is indeed the facilities and services are different. How are you not in the agency, and could be more fun? Some tips that you decide for such travel services.

Select the agent that expert
The journey there is not a professional or not. However, the most as well as some simple views of service, the price of tourist facilities offered. Is offered incoming tour or not? For the layman who first journey to the island and the service agent should really pick and choose. That is Traveled by or also from those who already use from.

The travels?
With the travel ticket agency. For tours that cover is in place, the facilities are already in the agent that is managed by. Means in the sights, the service provided to choose to stay, use transportation to go, and the facilities provided. Then this kind should be a factor to choose the best one is complained by how they are handling the case.

How the price offered
The price of a tourist services and facilities directly, but we may choose not cheesy that is cheap. You must estimate the price with whatever the future that is going. Until the low price will get that is because the facility or facilities but the package price.

Criteria for selecting an agent of the Thousand Islands, and the guide, then there is no picture in selecting a truly professional things.

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