Friday, November 27, 2015

Info Pari Island

Island could be in a selection of beach, Indonesian citizen. Pari is one of the island- uninhabited islands are in Jakarta. Pari Island tourist classified as community-based and individual, suitable for school. Travel festive perfectly suited them.

Transportation pari Island
One is access to land Pari Muara Angke Muara Angke that is the favorite. Ships - ships and wooden two-story that is the visitor.
The ferryboat ship departs around 07:00 am in the morning. Besides you can get to through ADEM (New) Angke area KILOMETRES grouper. You live your Rawasaban, diTangerang ships of thirty Rawasaban while departure and to Rawasaban 07: 00 the price of the ship is only Rp 35,000.

Time pari Island
Muara Angke pari needed two trips that is time. To better prepare the beverage snack food preparation that is or on the go. In addition to taking medication stop drunk. If you are drunk are drunk on board.

Stingray Island
Pari Island no hotel stay. Lodging in Pari form penuduk are managed. Most are or lodging house that is transformed. Some residents specialty lodging that is also that of them. PerlengkapanPenginapan the island's accessory and shower inside, such as, air conditioner refrigerator. There is also a television. The price of lodging rooms - is that the inn is dependent pasilitas and not fixed prices. All negotiable according to the number of people will stay. Can that is a load of people. Always full weekend. You should not name, because that is the way in pari no road. If staying in houses, memorize and house number. Streets and squares maze.

You need to starve pari Island. Enough available this shop. Warung- even since dayI serve breakfast.
Culinary you can find great area toward Love. Rows of stalls and pamper you. Is very affordable. Naturally grilled fish is kulinered by Mainstay. The island there is a bank ATM that is pari bring more money. You do not know what. Or you could be left behind should the ship that is a long stay. Because ATM is not pari Island.
John Signals Web Signals
Mobile web connection is very good especially XL and Telkomsel network. Web access to the device as well as sim-card also by m Indosat and Telkomsel.

By by Pari
By- kinds can get in stingray. And squid, sea Confection become a distinctive when compared with the fruit of breadfruit ceremai -cumi. It also can handicrafts.

Monday, November 9, 2015


The growing popularity of the beach, especially Thousand course this is a matter that should be improved. For more interesting and in some tourist island that is currently not the case, in the Thousand Islands. Currently, many serving that journey is an agent that facilitates access and all the holidays, is. Offering attractive promotions in both the price of the facilities in the can is Traveled by some.

The travels also have to carefully choose. Some journey agent that is indeed the facilities and services are different. How are you not in the agency, and could be more fun? Some tips that you decide for such travel services.

Select the agent that expert
The journey there is not a professional or not. However, the most as well as some simple views of service, the price of tourist facilities offered. Is offered incoming tour or not? For the layman who first journey to the island and the service agent should really pick and choose. That is Traveled by or also from those who already use from.

The travels?
With the travel ticket agency. For tours that cover is in place, the facilities are already in the agent that is managed by. Means in the sights, the service provided to choose to stay, use transportation to go, and the facilities provided. Then this kind should be a factor to choose the best one is complained by how they are handling the case.

How the price offered
The price of a tourist services and facilities directly, but we may choose not cheesy that is cheap. You must estimate the price with whatever the future that is going. Until the low price will get that is because the facility or facilities but the package price.

Criteria for selecting an agent of the Thousand Islands, and the guide, then there is no picture in selecting a truly professional things.