Monday, April 4, 2016

Points Ayer Thousand Islands Jakarta Indonesia

Which is one of the island resort that has a tourism blend together elements of traditional cutting-edge anyway. In a sense this attraction remains fresh and unspoiled human hands dirty hands, but in addition it also as a sophisticated tourist resort island also provide a range of tools which, as in tourist travel who have distinguished trendy water games. For you who want to know where the island is located, so that you are able to travel long which is not exceeded from the marina ancon. Map room island is located and is located in the bay of Jakarta which is the area of ​​one of the tourist destinations Islands cluster thousand, together wearing traditional boat or speedboat you are able to travel from the mainland jakarta, who really space geografirnya is still within walking distance along the mainland Jakarta with long travel 30 minutes from Marina Ancol using water vehicles. The island and have not a little cottage which is very good and it is located too engrossed is located on the sea for whom the inhabitants there can enjoy immediately the tone of the waves and more fun again you may provoke necessarily from the terrace where the cottages are located, many cottage categories, which are either located on land and in the ocean can be used as an inn or homestay you while on vacation there.

List Package Deals Pulau Ayer Thousand Islands
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